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How do I engage donors likely to become sustainers (monthly donors)

Identifying donors who are likely to become monthly donors is very important. There are many factors that go into making this insight including repetition of giving history and giving amount.

Opportunity Alerts are one of the many features offered in GivingDNA. Either on the homepage or in the segments list you will find the Opportunity for Sustainer Candidates.

When clicking on the Sustainer Candidate link GivingDNA will load a dashboard view for you filtered to show only "Donors Likely to Become Sustainers". Once you have run this segment and can identify who your sustainer/monthly donor opportunities are, consider the following to engage this key audience:

  • Have a monthly sustainer society? Thank them for their committed support and introduce them to the society and ask them to join
  • Thank them for their committed support and let them know how important consistent contributions help the mission continue
  • Develop a communication track, specifically for sustainers
    • Remove them from some appeals
    • Develop a thank you campaign or newsletter specifically for them
    • Keep them informed about your mission beyond the current Direct Marketing outreach