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Constituent Dashboard Feature Overview

Your constituent dashboard is where you can see powerful graphs that are based on your constituent's demographics from your uploaded Constituent File(s). Below are some suggestions on how you can get started with the info in this dashboard.

Constituent Dashboard 

  • Age
      • Are your communication channels aligned with the ages of your constituents and how they prefer to be communicated with?
      • While most organizations' donors will trend older, are yours trending too old? Do you need to focus on getting younger donors so that you can have a healthy donor file in the future?
  • Gender
      • Do your constituent demographics skew too far to one side or the other? Is this expected or is it a surprise?
  • Household Income
      • Does it appear that your constituents are weighted too high or too low? How do you feel this relates to the giving you have been receiving? Is there opportunity to find more major donors? Are you skewing towards relying heavily on lower income supporters?
  • Education
      • Does it appear that your constituents are weighted to a particular education demographic? How might this change how you are appealing to your constituents?
  • Giving Affinity
      • What other types of nonprofits do your donors support?
      • Do you have programs or parts of your mission that align with some of those other sectors? i.e. you perform international relief, in which part of that is educating the youth in impoverished countries and you find that a lot of your donors also give to education. You could consider highlighting those programs a bit more in your outreach.
  • Location
      • Do you have events in heavily concentrated states?
      • Are you looking to expand with new locations, chapters members, etc?
      • Are there hot spots your major gift officers should consider when they schedule visits with current major donors?
      • Do you have program work in areas that are heavily concentrated with donors, or low concentration?
  • Political View
      • Do you know the political demographics of your donors? How is your org currently messaging to a politically diverse audience? Could you be perceived as leaning too liberally or too conservatively? Getting stronger insights into this demographic information will greatly improve your targeting and messaging.
  • Net Worth
      • As discussed above, paying attention to household income view is critical to better understanding the types of donors and donor potential that you have. Net worth takes this insights one step deeper by providing insights for an individuals total net worth.
    • Child Count & Marital Status
        • Being aware of family demographics when it comes to children and marital status is extremely important when asking for increased donations, making planned asks, and targeting key messaging. For example, is your organization a human services organization? How might you tailor your annual appeal to parents if you had this targeted demographic insight?

    Reach out to your client success manager to find other ways to utilize the data on your constituent dashboard.