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How do I use channel preference to increase donations?

Channel preference is a valuable resource to help you better target your constituents with the right messaging.

You can find the "Channel Preference" graph on your giving dashboard.

Screenshot 2018-07-05 11.45.47


This information is based on what you uploaded as "source", you can upload sources based on how you track this information so you don't have to limit yourself to "offline" and "online". Consider noting media channels, p2p, and any other key sources you get donations through. If you wish to add this information to your data set, simply re-import your giving files with a column labeled "source". Once you have this information you can:

  • Let donors know how easy it is to give through their preferred channel
  • Create consistent messaging across channels
  • Segment your communications based on donor preferences
  • Reduce mail for those who have a digital preference (reduces costs and communicates where your donors want to engage)
  • Perhaps include digital donors on offline appeals quarterly or twice a year
  • Include the landing page link on those mailings so they know where to give online