Understanding the Financial Graphs

Here we will break down all of the graphs on the Constituent Dashboard in your Financial Section.

Household Income

This chart shows different ranges of household income from $1K-$15K up to $250K+. This data is self reported data by individuals or estimated based on demographic factors such as age, occupation, home ownership, median income for that local area and others.


Net Worth

This chart shows the breakdown of Net Worth of your individuals in a variety of ranges up to $2M+. This is a modeled variable that takes into account Assets minus Liabilities to determine the Net Worth Value. We take into account Financial Assets (Checking/Savings Accounts, Stocks/Bonds, IRAs, Pensions and many more), Non-Financial Assets (Vehicles, Real Estate, Business ownership, and others) and then subtract Total Debt (Housing Debt, Vehicle Debt, Credit Card debt, and others). Estimated home value is not included in the calculation.


Estimated Home Value

This chart shows ranges of home value for your matched constituents. This takes into account a variety of factors such as home sale data as well as median home value in that area. 


Top Occupations

This chart shows the occupational breakdown of your matched constituents. We call this the 'Top Occupations' because we show you the Top 10 most common occupations based on your matched constituents. This data is comes from a variety of sources that can be self reported or via an employer. 


Predicted Discretionary Spending

This chart shows the breakdown of additional income that could be spent in a variety of ways such as donations for your matched constituents. These values take into account a variety of data sources from demographics, psychographics, and financial data to a variety of other economic factors to discern how much additional income an individual has after taxes and all standard expenses they pay.