Understanding the Demographic Graphs

Here we will break down all of the graphs on the Constituent Dashboard in your Demographics Section.


This chart shows the age of your matched constituents. The chart has 6 default age groups. These groups are 0-20, 21-33, 34-43, 44-53, 54-63, and 64+. When we match your constituents, we will also look if we have age data on them. If we do, they will be placed in the corresponding age group. Further, our Age data is updated monthly. If someone has a birthday and they move to a new group, we will automatically update this and move them for you. 


This chart shows the gender breakdown of your Female or Male matched constituents. 

Marital Status

This chart shows the marital status breakdown of your matched constituents. 


This chart shows the education breakdown of your matched constituents. We have 4 categories; High School, Attended Vocational/Technical, Bachelors Degree, and Graduate degree. Your constituents are grouped based on the level of education they achieved.

Number of Children in Household

This chart shows the number of children in the household of your matched constituents at the current time. We show ranges from 0 to 9 children.  This data is updated on a monthly basis and we adjust any changes in this data automatically (such as a child graduating high school and leaving home).

Constituent Location

This chart shows the geographic location of your matched constituents in the United States on a State by State basis. You can also view your constituents by county when looking at one state at a time. You can click on the desired State on the chart to view the county breakdown or use the Advanced Filter to select State -> then select the State you wish to view.