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How do I export my Causemo Insights segments so I can take action?

Once you have gained insight into your opportunities, it is time to take action! You can export any saved segment from your Causemo Insights Pro Account.

The following feature is available for Insights Pro customers. If you’d like to unlock this feature, please click here to upgrade.

Step 1:

Filter your constituent or giving dashboards so that it reflects the segments you would like to engage with (see details for instructions if needed), or save an "Opportunity Segment".

Step 2:

Navigate to your segment dashboard



Step 3:

Click the export icon in the upper right corner of the opportunity segment you would like to export, or the export icon box for the saved segment that you'd like to export.

Screenshot 2018-07-03 09.33.07


Step 4:

Give your export a name and click export. It will take a few moments for your export to process.

Screenshot 2018-07-03 09.36.04


Step 5:

When your export is ready to download, you will find it at the bottom of your segments page. Find the file in the list of exported files and click download. The file will be automatically downloaded to wherever your computer automatically downloads files to (this varies computer to computer).


Screenshot 2018-07-03 09.36.45