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Getting Started With Smart Segments

Identifying donors who are likely to lapse in their donations is very important in your retention efforts. Being able to recognize donors who are coming up on a 1 year giving anniversary is key.

Smart Segments is a feature of Causemo Insights Pro that quickly segments based on critical donor demographics. These segments represent important groups that typically have a strategic communication plan built around them.

  • Upgrade – Donors who are great prospects to make an upgrade ask
  • Monthly Donors – Donors who are great prospects to ask to become a sustainer 
  • High Risk of Lapsing – Donors who last made a gift 11 months ago and are about to lapse. As it becomes increasingly hard to reactivate donors the longer they lapse, you want to avoid it by paying attention to those about to lapse and keeping them engaged and giving 
  • Lapsed 12-18 months – Your most recent lapsed donors, who could be the easiest to recapture since it’s only been a few months since they have lapsed 
  • Most Active State – State with the most donors 
  • Most Active Donors – Based on donor giving over the past year 

All saved segments are able to be exported in a csv file. All include the donors contact info and a few include additional data (upgrade includes an upgrade ask amount, lapsed includes last gift date).



This feature is available for Insights Pro customers. If you’d like to unlock this feature, please click here to upgrade.